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Les Petits Escargots (ages 3 to 16)

'Les Petits Escargots' focuses on teaching French/Spanish to children aged 3 to 16 years old. This can be done in small groups (siblings), or one-to-one.  
For younger children the aim is to make the lessons fun and imaginative, to get them involved by encouraging singing and playing games, while all the time incorporating the use of language.
For older children focus is placed upon their school work, such as their GCSEs, but I can also prepare them for studying in France or Spain if that is their goal.

For older children the lesson can also be done the via Skype if preferred, just ask for more information.


A qualified language teacher with experience of teaching primary and secondary school pupils. Available to teach individual classes as well as whole morning or afternoons. Also available for supply teaching.

As well as teaching, verbal and written translation services are also offered, along with proof reading of pre-translated documents. Most formats can be considered, such as brochures and technical documents.

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