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Adult Private Tuition (age 16+)

Whether its one-to-one or in groups, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to learn French or Spanish:
Moving to France or Spain...
For you to get around easily it is necessary to understand the basics such as visiting the supermarket or asking for directions, but also being confident to speak to your neighbours is just as important. 
For Work....
You're going away on business and need to know your way around the airport, how to order a taxi and book train tickets. You also need to be aware of subjects such as equiptment (computers, offices, etc.), and how to order lunch.
As a hobby...
Maybe you have an interest in French or Spanish culture and want to learn the language to understand French and Spanish  cinema, radio or literature.. 


A qualified language teacher with experience of teaching primary and secondary school pupils. Available to teach individual classes as well as whole morning or afternoons. Also available for supply teaching.

Les Petits Escargots

'Les Petits Escargots' focuses on teaching French or Spanish to children aged 3 to 16 years old, using fun and games for younger children, and curriculum related topics for older children.

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